With every game in an online casino, there is always an open discussion about how you could get one step ahead. At http://www.online-casino-new-zealand.org you can find out more about many of these games that are offered online. Blackjack is just one of them, but of course you can also find out about many other games that are traditionally offered to gamblers online.

Stay one step ahead

Before you start counting cards, you need to know the framework that is set. For example, you would need to know how many decks your game of Blackjack is being played with. The more decks that are in play, the more difficult it may become for you to apply your tactics. Additional shuffling may make things even more difficult for you.

  1. Gather all necessary information
  2. Do not rely too much on the tactics

While land-based casinos have their measures in place already to rule out the counting of cards, the operators are even further ahead online. Decks get shuffled more often than in land-based casinos. Also, you would hardly find any games with small amounts of cards in play. The operators are prepared not to take too many risks when it comes to professional gamblers.


The tactic is not fool-proof

Of course you can not expect 100 % reliability with the card counting tactics. After all, you can only gather so much information. But so much information will remain hidden in the hands of your opponents or the other stacks on the table. If you play Blackjack as a video game, the outcome relies on a random number generator (RNG) anyway.

The only place where you could effectively count cards online are live games. If you like the proper casino table atmosphere, these should be your choice of game anyway. Real dealers will shuffle the stack regularly though, so your chances of success are rather slim. Counting cards can be good for your concentration however, as it makes you follow the game to its details.

Never forget the other aspects

Your main aim at blackjack should still be to add up card values up to 21 in your hand. Ideally of course, you have a Blackjack combination with an ace and a King, Queen or Jack in hand. As soon as you start concentrating too much on what else happens on the table, you may lose the focus for your own hand.

Instead of beating the dealer outright, you might as well just want to limit your damage. There are various options to do so in Blackjack, such as choosing an insurance for example. The insurance is a side bet that costs you a little extra as compared to a straightforward game. But it gives you an extra security in case the dealer has a Blackjack.

Casinos say they are ready for you

Advantage players are a category of players casino operators do not particularly like. Trying to beat the house edge in any game is frowned upon by the operators at least. Yet, still many players actually try it - and who is to blame them? Using natural knowledge is not exactly forbidden and very hard to come up against in the anonymity of the internet.

  • Casinos are on the hunt for advantage players
  • Card counting is hard to prove

Once you land on the radar of casino for stereotype kinds of action, it might be hard to escape punishment. You should thus always make sure that you play with a certain degree of variety. Mix aggressive and passive strategies to make sure that you will not get marked down as a cheat - or even thrown out of the casino you are playing in.

Read up on the matter

If you are interested in trying out the tactics of card counting, you can easily read up on things. There are many interesting books from experienced gamblers available. These of course, you can also find a lot of information about card counting online. Some of the early sources from the 1960s are not quite as accurate any more though, because of new measures by the casinos.

Today, casinos go as far as using card shoes with built-in continuous shuffle mechanisms. These act to counter the effects of counting cards. For the players, the game becomes less predictable and the casino has its randomness back. As a player, you are actually better off following some simple ideas rather than getting caught up in complex counting systems that are prone to errors.