South Africans have traditionally been hamstrung by confusing laws around online gambling. This allowed a slew of less legal online casinos to operate in the country. Either these casinos were plain illegal or they were licensed by a less desirable gambling licensor. Times they are slowly a-changing. To see some listings of the top new more legal online casinos that are now catering specifically for the South African market and allowing bets in ZAR, just do an online search for southafrica-online-casino .

Of course these new casinos will bring with them a plethora of new online casino games. These games will be from a multitude of legal, well-known casino game developers and providers. South African players will be assured that every type and variant of casino games will be offered along with plenty of enticing bonuses and other value adds. These new casinos will have to be investigated first before players can choose one to sign up for and to safely deposit their money.

How can South African players investigate the new casinos?

A lot of the new legal casinos will provide their games for free play without the South African player having to sign up and deposit with the casino. In other words, players can safely and risk-free try out the online casinos game catalogue. This way the player not only gets a feel for how the casino operates and treats its players, but also gets to put the online casino game providers through their paces. The first thing to look for is if the casino and the providers are licensed.

What's in it for the casino?

Offering free games allows the online casino to build a relationship of trust with the player without the player being put under pressure to sign up and deposit cash. The casino can showcase its variety of games and game providers and expose some operational processes to the player up front to prepare him for more in-depth engagement. The more the payer is prepared for what to expect, the less disputes there are later on about things like wagering requirements and withdrawals.


How is the player benefiting?

South African players are sceptical due to the uncertainty around online gambling that has been miscommunicated to them by authorities for many years. Also, less desirable casino operators have take advantage of those uncertain times and the resultant player naiveté and imposed unyielding wagering requirements and other lock-in measures. Free game-play will allow transparency to the player so that he can make informed choices on where to play and what casino games to play. This is a breath of fresh air in a staid industry in need of a legal shake-up.

Playing free casino games in South Africa.

The fact that online casinos provide their games for free to South African players can benefit both the players and the casino itself. For the casino it allows them to build up a reputation with South African players by being transparent with their operating processes, licences and customer service. For the player on the other hand, free games allows them to try out the range of games, gauge the responsiveness of the customer support and dive into the terms and conditions that govern their bonus wagering requirements.